Anima Amici

Anima Amici’s music is a mixture of traditional South American music and acoustic Jazz.
Paola knows how to perform these Latin songs like no other. A few compositions written by Ramsy are also performed vocally by Paola.
Expect a sultry combination between Latin roots and jazz.

Paola Marquez: vocals
Ramsy Irani: guitar and vocals
Jean van Lint or Geert van Eynde: bass
Chryster Aerts: percussion

Plaza de Mayo

This song is dedicated to the Argentinian “Madres de Plaza de Mayo“. Between 1976 and 1983, ca. 30.000 sons and men disappeared under the dictatorship of the military Junta. For 30 years the mothers protested weekly by walking on the Plaza de Mayo!

Composition: Ramsy Irani, Lyrics: Paola Marquez

Live @ Radio Rood 22/07/2020

Live @ Ace Studio streaming Concert 18/04/2021